Mitchell J. Rappaport Profile

Forty-eight years of experience and/or training in the areas of: disability rights leadership, civil rights law, technology transfer, political science, governmental relations, international relations, advocating, governmental purchasing, specifications writing, teaching and/or training, industrial production, emergency trauma care delivery, healthcare, other.   Fourty-four years leading, recommending, testifying, lecturing and/or presenting on disabilities and disability related areas.   Four and one-half years Teaching on the post secondary, Community College level; received Outstanding Teacher Certificate.

Accomplishments have taken me to The White House, to State Capitals, and to International Conferences.

Co-conceived and co-named: “The Americans with Disabilities Act”; co-created and co-named: the field of Rehabilitation Architecture, advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, negotiations over the wording of legislation, branding and identity of disability programs and projects, other.

Center For People With Disabilities, Inc.’s Profile

The Center For People With Disabilities, Inc., incorporated in June, 2003, is a 501-c-3 not- for-profit organization established to serve the education and research needs of people with disabilities one area of focus at a time, as agreed upon by our Board of Directors.   The Center currently focuses on six program areas: Religion, Technology Transfer, Education, Environmental Disabilities, (Civil) Disability Rights, and Voting (HAVA).   We relocated to Austin, Texas in 2008, just hours ahead of Hurricane Ike, where we have remained and are now located.


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