Social Media use by Emergency Managers: Survey Says!

When I worked as the Assistant to the Director of the American Red Cross Galveston Emergency Center during Hurricane Katrina, there wasn’t a way for us to communicate with the world outside of the radio and telephone calls.   Indeed, group telephone calls was the operative norm back then.   Texting and the ability communicate through WorPress and other programs enables so much more today.

idisaster 2.0

Post by: Kim Stephens

CNA, a not-for-profit research and analysis organization,  in conjunction with the National Emergency Management Association, released the results of their survey of emergency management organizations about the use of social media. You can download the report here. The CNA website provides a description of why they felt a survey was important:

To date, much of the data on social media and emergency management is limited to anecdotal accounts or case studies. Thus, CNA, in partnership with the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA), funded the development and nationwide distribution of a 56-question survey to state, county, and local emergency management and response agencies in late 2012 to answer questions about social media use in emergency management. By taking a survey approach, we were able to provide a broader, complementary perspective to existing anecdotes and case studies. This report provides the key results of that survey.*

They posed…

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