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We are the Center For People With Disabilities, Inc., a faith-based, 501-c-3 not for profit organization now located in Austin, Texas.   We relocated here just hours before Hurricane Ike struck Galveston Island, Texas, and have set up operations from Austin.   We exist to serve the needs of people with disabilities one area of focus at a time, as agreed upon by our Board of Directors.

Here we are, at the end of 2010, with still so much left to accomplish.   Looking back, two of our program goals have now been realized and accomplished in the past few years (an Astronaut with a disability finally was launched into space and the ADA was further strengthened and it’s reach expanded, as well as having added a new area of focus (Environmental Disabilities)

We have gotten away from our focus on the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), having passed it along to other organizations.   Instead, our focus will turn next year to sharing the full history of the Americans with Disabilities Act with everyone, to enabling such Advocacy on behalf of the rights of Americans with disabilities, to helping ensure that Texans and Americans with disabilities receive the services that they need in the EMS and emergency response system, and through other public channels.   Please contact us if we can be of assistance through any of our six Program areas.   Thanks for stopping by!

At this time, due to some accounting discrepancies, we are temporarily not serving as a not-for-profit organization; however, our former President, Mitchell J. Rappaport, continues to serve a greater good by continuing his efforts to serve people with disabilities and, due to his own health problems, meet his own health needs.   He is available for presentations, lectures, discussions, board service,

symposiums and conferences, and can be reached at this blog or at the P.O. Box address of the (former) Center.   Thank you.



About cnsmrrep1

I am the Acquired Closed Brain Injury Survivor that co-conceived and co-named: "The Americans with Disabilities Act", co-created the field of "Rehab Architecture", which was later woven into and used as part of the basis of the field of Universal Design, used as part of the basis of the ADA's Architectural Guidelines, and more. Alas, I can never again publicly discuss the true "Original Intent" of "The ADA" publicly, but it was civil rights in its purest form. I spent my career as a professional Technical/Medical/Scientific Writer and Editor as well as a Community College Instructor (part-time) and/or Substitute Teacher in Public Schools. I am Retired today and finally beginning to write to introduce myself. Two books in process.
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